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The Voice House Community Choir, Edinburgh
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About The Voice House Community Choir

The Voice House, established in 1992, performed its first concert that December, as part of the cultural programme for the European Council Summit. Since then, the 100+ singers have developed their a cappella repertoire and sing songs from a variety of styles, traditions and places including Africa, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Scotland.

Our most recent concert in November 2017 entertained an audience of around 300 people.

Voice House Concert May 2016
The Voice House in Concert

The Voice House philosophy is that everyone can sing! Many of us have been told we "can't sing" or think our voices are not good enough, but in our own cultural past singing was part of everyday life, simply a way to communicate, to express emotion and to help us get through the experiences of living. Everyone sang, to help ease the workload, to grieve, to sing the baby to sleep. We sang in celebration, to create an atmosphere for prayer and meditation, to prepare for war. Singing created community and everyone had something to offer regardless of ability or talent. The important thing was to take part.

At The Voice House we have built a singing community in the heart of Edinburgh. Everyone is welcome and there are no auditions. Our songs are taught by ear with no written music - the most natural and accessible way to learn. The tutor sings each part and we repeat it until it becomes familiar. The songs are in parts but it is up to the individual to choose where they feel most comfortable. We do encourage people to try out different parts in the belief that the human voice has many shades and tones and we have the right to explore them all.

The Voice House aims to sing a great range of music but the core of our repertoire comes from cultures where singing is still part of community life and the use of the voice is rich and varied.

The Voice House meets for 10 - 12 week terms and holds a concert every 18 months. In keeping with the philosophy of the group, performance is about sharing our enjoyment of singing with a wider community, rather than a perfect, polished product, although we work hard to give our best. We also occasionally perform at community events and we hold social events for members.

A voluntary committee of members runs The Voice House and anyone in the group is welcome, and encouraged, to serve. The committee tries to take into account members' wishes within the overall context of the philosophy of the group.

The Voice House may be the place where you sing for many years or just one term. Either way, welcome to The Voice House.

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